Where to find more feminization/sissy captions, stories, and media

Candys World of TG & TransformationUpBestOne of my favorite captioners. She is very prolific and the work appeals to a variety of TG related kinks.
Forced Femme FantasiesDownBestExcellent captions and a major source of inspiration for this blog. It is gone now, but this twitter feed collects a few of the later posts.
Freya's Sexual FantasiesUpBestBoth fiction and captions. Highly recommended. Hosts work by Ed Miller, my all time favorite TG fiction author.
Mindy ZUpBestRelatively new, but I like what I see.
Missy's Sissy CapsUpBestWonderful short smutty captions.
Mistress JessicaDownBestOne of my favorites my review is here. Too bad it is gone. Looks like there is some new work on flickr.
NRAE CaptionsUpBestWell written captions. A little tame (X-rated) compared to my traditional favorites (XXX-rated)   : )
Paci's CaptionsUpBestGreat captions.
Queer FantasiesUpBestOne of my favorites. Lots of captions featuring hypnosis, forced feminization, humiliation, and shemales.
Rauk22 CaptionsUpBestLots of fantastic work with a focus on TG lesbian female domination. Not too saccharine like so many lesbian TG captions.
Rebecca's WorldUpBestA classic. Features longer caption series as pdf downloads.
Smitty's TG CapsUpBestExcellent captions, very prolific.
Trisha's TG CapsDownBestAnother of the greats. Very high quality.
VipCaptions' BlogUpBestSome unusual and interesting captions.
w8z2x4mUpBestNew and very promising.
ComixxxsDownBetterFormerly a source of high quality captions. Gone now.
Erin T's Alphabet SoupUpBetter
Evie's (formerly Argus's) BackburnerUpBetterVery prolific. High quality captions.
Freya's Sexual TransgenderUpBetterBoth fiction and captions. Hosts work by Ed Miller, my all time favorite TG fiction author. This site is only an archive now. Freya places new work at Freya's Sexual Fantasies.
Hewy's HovelUpBetterGood captions, but it doesn't look like any more will be forthcoming.
Jennifer's TG caps of DefianceUpBetterGood captions. Recommended.
KISS CAPSUpBetterNice short captions often with fetish/goth themes.
Martha's TG CapsUpBetter
Modern Goddess: The TG Shrine of DecadenceUpBetterQuality captions on a variety of themes. Often more artfully done than others.
Nikki's Sweet DreamsUpBetter
Sky's TG and Other CaptionsUpBetterI like this one a lot.
Slutty Chrissy's TG CaptionsUpBetter
The Feminization StationUpBetter
The Omar Bell UniverseUpBetterRacially charged TG captions. You may need to read up on the back story of the black dominated world described.
Tina's TG Hardcore Erotica.UpBetter
A Nony Moose's TG CaptionsUpGooddescription
Amy's TG PlaceUpGooddescription
Anne Oni Mouse: TG and the restUpGooddescription
Awesome TG CaptionsUpGooddescription
Betty's CaptionsUpGooddescription
Bubblepop's Electric ThoughtsUpGooddescription
Creative Captioning in the TG WorldDownGooddescription
Dee-lusions of GrandeurUpGooddescription
Delicious VUpGooddescription
Dragon's Fangs CaptionsUpGooddescription
Extreme Captioning AfficionadoUpGooddescription
Isobelle's CaptionsUpGooddescription
Jack Andrews (Is) CaptionedUpGooddescription
Jane B's TG Caption and StoriesDownGooddescription
Jasmine's Dream - Fantasy TG captions.UpGooddescription
Joannas TG CaptionsDownGooddescription
Judoo's CaptionsUpGooddescription
Kimberly's Transformation GalleryUpGooddescription
L. Stark CaptionsUpGooddescription
Lady in my DreamsUpGooddescription
Making MaidensUpGooddescription
Michelle's femmine place capsUpGooddescription
Miss DDownGooddescription
Mistress JessicaUpGooddescription
My Own TG Caption'sUpGooddescription
Nadine The Teasing MarquiseUpGooddescription
Once I Was A Man TGUpGooddescription
Satin MinionsDownGooddescription
Sissy CockmilkerUpGooddescription
Slut 4 NylonUpGooddescription
TG CaptionsDownGooddescription
TG CentralUpGooddescription
Tg Jessie's CaptionsUpGooddescription
Xaxasissy's WeblogDownGooddescription
tg captions - Victoria's TransGender CaptionsUpGooddescription
transgressive fantasyUpGooddescription
A TG captions, comics, images and stories by SashaDownUnrevieweddescription
Being FemmUpUnrevieweddescription
Bens transformationsUpUnrevieweddescription
Brenda's TG CaptionsUpUnrevieweddescription
CD Nympho Cockslut's DesiresDownUnrevieweddescription
Caitlyn's MasksUpUnrevieweddescription
Casey's TG CapsUpUnrevieweddescription
Chrissie's Journey Into SissyhoodUpUnrevieweddescription
Down the Rabbit Hole (a TG Site)UpUnrevieweddescription
Elena Starz TG Stories/CaptionsUpUnrevieweddescription
Emberwilde's DreamingUpUnrevieweddescription
Fantastic Photo FunUpUnrevieweddescription
Femdom Forced CrossdressingUpUnrevieweddescription
Feminization FantasiesUpUnrevieweddescription
Femme DreamsUpUnrevieweddescription
Forced TransformationUpUnrevieweddescription
GG's TG CapsUpUnrevieweddescription
Gabrielle's RealmUpUnrevieweddescription
Isobelle's DungeonUpUnrevieweddescription
Jack's Blow Jobs Only Caption BlogUpUnrevieweddescription
Jackie's Depraved Thoughts and CaptionsUpUnrevieweddescription
Jennifer's TG CaptionsUpUnrevieweddescription
Jessica's WebbUpUnrevieweddescription
Katies CaptionsUpUnrevieweddescription
Keeping it RealUpUnrevieweddescription
Lexi's CapsUpUnrevieweddescription
Lexie's TG CaptionsDownUnrevieweddescription
Nikki's Sweet StoriesUpUnrevieweddescription
Sachi's Feminine ParadiseUpUnrevieweddescription
Samantha deSavory's TG CaptionsUpUnrevieweddescription
Sexy Secret SophieUpUnrevieweddescription
Sissify MeUpUnrevieweddescription
Sissy CaptionsUpUnrevieweddescription
Sissy Simon's CaptionsUpUnrevieweddescription
Slutty Hannah's TG CaptionsUpUnrevieweddescription
TG Caption SeriesUpUnrevieweddescription
TG CaptionsDownUnrevieweddescription
TG Comics, captions and co.DownUnrevieweddescription
Tiffany Anne's Kinky Crossdressing Caption CornerUpUnrevieweddescription
Tom's Big-Assed TG Captions!UpUnrevieweddescription
Twitter / vipcaptionsDownUnrevieweddescription
Yvonne's Caption WorldUpUnrevieweddescription
julie's forced femme capsUpUnrevieweddescription
kasceys CapsUpUnrevieweddescription
sp2000's TG CaptionsUpUnrevieweddescription

FictionMania Story ArchiveUpBestExcellent. Highly recomended. They were down for a while, but now they are back. See the wikipedia page.
Freya's Sexual FantasiesUpBestBoth fiction and captions. Highly recommended. Hosts work by Ed Miller, my all time favorite TG fiction author.
Nifty Erotic Stories Archive: Transgender StoriesUpBestHighly recomended.
ASSTR : Bisexual Male Slut SlavesUpBetterQuite a few of his links are broken, but still many good things remain. I made a corrected version that you may use if you like.
ASSTR : Old Joe's Transgender Stories CollectionUpBetterA large well curated collection.
Bimboslutz : Transgender SectionDownBetterWas small, but very good. There is a backup of the stories here, but they are no longer organized and it is difficult to find the TG stuff.
Crystal's StorySiteUpBetterGood content. Has lots of long stories with many serial installments. Some are very strange.
Freya's Sexual TransgenderUpBetterBoth fiction and captions. Hosts work by Ed Miller, my all time favorite TG fiction author. This site is only an archive now. Freya places new work at Freya's Sexual Fantasies.
The Spells-R-Us Story ArchiveUpBetterExactly what it sounds like. Spells-R-Us stories usually have a nice mix of humor which I like.
Transformation Story Archive : The Other SexUpBetterThe transgender section is recommended, but the other parts of the site are really weird (not bad weird, just not-my-thing weird).
Akasha's Web: Femdom EroticaUpGoodStories on the left navigation bar. Many have become "members only" content which is a shame.
Amityworld : Amity's Femdom StoriesUpGoodSome good stuff. The pdf format of many stories is mildly annoying.
Big Closet : 01 : AincentUpGoodOld Stories published pre-2001.
Big Closet : 02 : ClassicUpGoodOldish stories. Published June 2001 to November 2004.
Big Closet : 02 : NewUpGoodAll the new stories.
Elise Sutton's Guide to Loving Female AuthorityUpGoodSite is still up and Elise is an excellent writer, but very little fiction available now. There are some testimonials that are OK.
Joan's TG FictionDownGoodAuthor page. Mostly gone since the death of geocities.
Miss Vicky's Fantasy Fiction PageDownGoodGone now. Formerly had some good stories.
Overflowing BraUpGoodA breast enlargement story site. Search for male to female transformations. Zip File downloads are annoying, but the content tends to be worth it.
Sapphire's Place Story Room UpGoodSome good stuff, but looking pretty dated at this point.
Oturus's TG Transformation PageDownUnreviewedNot sure where it went.
Petra Jane's Story IndexDownUnreviewedAnother author site. Once again it died with geocities.
ROBO's StoriesDownUnreviewedGone.

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