Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Story Review: Smile by Ed Miller

Story reviews are the primary purpose of this blog. So, let's get started.

Smile by Ed Miller is a fantastic and well written piece of smut. Ed Miller often disclaims the fact that he writes smut in his opening paragraph. He is also very fond of an earlier review by ladycyrrh who described one of his stories as "a fuckfest, but more literate than most."

This is often what I am searching for in my Erotic Fiction. I have no grudge against those that write huge multi-volume tomes of Erotic Literature where no one has sex until page 53, but I just don't have the time. You can expect my future recommendations to also be sex filled works that can be read in one sitting.

This story involves the protagonist, a male chauvinist, being magically transformed into a mind controlled slut by his sorceress girlfriend. It has almost all of the things I look for in a story like this.

  • The transformed victim deserves some punishment and isn't begging to be turned into a feminine whore
  • Lots of humiliation rather than sadism
  • Mind control

In addition to having these things I look for the story is well written. I often find that stories that contain plenty of good dirty sex are written by people who cannot form a grammatically correct sentence let alone use a spell checker. Ed Millers work is always of the highest quality. In addition to spelling and grammar he also continuously changes the way that he describes the various sexual acts. This prevents him from falling deep into cliche land as well as drawing the reader along into his wonderfully kinky tales.

If you liked this one you should look into Ed Miller's other works. His others tend to be longer, on the order of 120kb, and not all of them involve an unwilling victim. None the less they are all sexy and well written. I will probably review others here in the future.