Monday, March 22, 2010

TG Aggregators

I recently discovered a couple sites that may be useful to my readers looking for more transgender media.

This first is TG Comics, captions and co. which claims to be "The ultimate collection of TG containing sites". It has a very nice sidebar/blogroll with links to tons of good stuff including TG caption sites, TG blogs, TG comics, and even TG youtube channels.

The second is the Adult Groups Repertory. It allows you to search for adult Yahoo Groups by keyword. Unfortunately it will only show you a few results (15 anonymously or 50 if you create a free account). To get the full results you must upgrade to a paying account.

I hope to add a post soon about some good yahoo groups for those interested in TG and forced feminization.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Captions by Paci

Recently I have been reading some good TG caps by Paci. She has some very nice caps up at her blog. Also it has been very interesting to see how her captioning skills evolved by checking out her older work in the visitors section of Freya's old site.