Friday, November 16, 2012

Great Site : Candy's World of TG & Transformation

Remember when this blog recommended excellent caption sites to its readers instead of simply providing a trickle of its author's mediocre captions? Me neither.

Everyone who is familiar with the captioning community already knows this, but Candy's World of TG & Transformation is a fantastic captioning blog.

It is a little embarrassing to offer such an obvious recommendation at this late date, but I think it was more embarrassing that Candy's was missing from my reviews.

Candy's Hentai / Futa captions are extraordinary. Her ability to write captions that draw you in and turn you on even when they involve strange transformations or other weirdness is unparalleled. Truly a wonderful site with a very skillful author. It is well your time to explore her archive if you haven't already.

Post Scriptum : Yes, I know it is evil of me to offer this recommendation just as Candy is going on hiatus for the holidays.