Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Renaissance in TG Writing

A while back I noted that there was less long form written TG fiction and more and more short TG captions being produced. Obviously TG authors never stopped writing. I simply noticed a shift in what was popular.

Recently the captions have been getting longer and some great captioners have been entering/returning to long form fiction.

  • Alyssa over at Making Maidens has written In Flight Entertainment, the kinky tale of a cocky airline pilot who is transformed into a shemale bimbo and forced to serve as an airline stewardess.
  • Clarity from Queer Fantasies has written Look at Me, the tale of a man caught watching camwhores who is then forced to become one himself.
  • Finally Trisha of Trisha's TG Caps fame has authored The Alpha Club about a secret society of hyper-dominant men who have the ability to transform others into obedient sluts.
All three are worth your time. Enjoy.