Friday, February 27, 2015

Blogger Policy & femslut21 Original : Takeout Time

A quick caption in honor of my strategy concerning the new Google / Blogger policy about adult content. For those who missed the controversy. First Google threatened to essentially close down all adult blogs. And then later in the week after much complaining by many bloggers and readers they reversed their ruling and are going to allow us to stay... mostly.

So, I'm not going to migrate my blog at this time because I don't really have any confidence that WordPress or tumblr might not make the same arbitrary decision some day. And they might give me even less time to migrate my content. For all I know I could log in one day to find it all deleted. This incident has made me fairly distrustful of the ability of these content hosting services to radically alter their policies at any time.

Obviously I have backups of the images. Both locally and in my imagefap galleries. But my posts could easily be lost.

So as a precaution I am now going to make semi-regular backups of this blog content. I would recommend others do the same. Here is how:
  1. Go to Google Takeout.
  2. Click "Select None"
  3. Now reselect only "Blogger" for your posts and "Google Photos" for your images
  4. Click "Next" and accept the default options for type and delivery by clicking "Create Archive".
  5. Download your archive and keep it safe. 
This will allow you to restore your blog from the most recent backup later if policy changes again in the future.

Good luck out there folks.