Tuesday, February 2, 2016

femslut21 Original : The Only Winning Move... (See News Below)

 OK, since this is my first caption in a about a year I clearly need a little motivation and I would like to hear from the audience a bit. So I'm going to play a little game with you all.

The Rules:
  1. I, femslut21, owe the blog one caption per calendar month if and only if someone writes in comments (or email) to remind me to do one that month. Once the month is over no requests to do "make-up" captions for any previous month will be honored.
  2. Only one caption per month is owed to the blog unless punishment is in effect. For instance even if five people notify me that I owe a caption for March I still only owe one for March. 
  3. From the date of the first notification I receive I have 30 days to complete a caption before it is considered late. No fair waiting until the evening of the 31st to notify me and then claiming the next day that I am late and deserve punishment. 
  4. Punishment comes in the form of additional captions for the blog. For every 10 days a caption is late I owe an additional caption.
The fine print:
  • I have to genuinely receive a notification for it to count. If something gets stuck in my spam filter or something I won't owe a zillion months of captions when I find it years later. 
  • You can request an element or theme you would like to see in the caption, but there are no guarantees that it gets included. I have a hard time getting inspired to write captions based on other people's kinks. Needless to say I absolutely won't do a caption with a theme I consider immoral or squicky.
  • Blog comments are preferred to email since they create a nice public time and date stamp that you can point to to prove I am late. 
  • The caption in this post counts as February 2016's caption completed.
  • Needless to say this isn't any kind of legally binding contract, but if I do need to cancel the deal for some unforeseen reason I will make a best effort to (a) post about it publicly on the blog and update this post and (b) be up-to-date with all my owed captions.
So that is that. If you all are vigilant you can easily guarantee that I produce a dozen or more captions per year.