Sunday, May 22, 2016

femslut21 Original : Mistress's Sissy Syndicate (also caption punnishment update)

This is the punishment caption required of me since March's caption was late. Unfortunately I am still in need of punishment. April's caption was requested on April 12th and it is May 22nd.

So per the rules I still owe a caption for April and you all get a bonus punishment caption for Aptil's being late.

Fortunately for me no one has requested a caption for the month of May yet. 😏

Friday, April 22, 2016

femslut21 Original : Hypno Sissy's Bad Day

Here is the caption for March. Weirdguy Inacape has been good at reminding me to keep up with my captioning. I have been less good about making them.

I still owe a punishment caption for this one being late. And the clock is ticking on April's caption as per the rules.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

femslut21 Original : The Only Winning Move... (See News Below)

 OK, since this is my first caption in a about a year I clearly need a little motivation and I would like to hear from the audience a bit. So I'm going to play a little game with you all.

The Rules:
  1. I, femslut21, owe the blog one caption per calendar month if and only if someone writes in comments (or email) to remind me to do one that month. Once the month is over no requests to do "make-up" captions for any previous month will be honored.
  2. Only one caption per month is owed to the blog unless punishment is in effect. For instance even if five people notify me that I owe a caption for March I still only owe one for March. 
  3. From the date of the first notification I receive I have 30 days to complete a caption before it is considered late. No fair waiting until the evening of the 31st to notify me and then claiming the next day that I am late and deserve punishment. 
  4. Punishment comes in the form of additional captions for the blog. For every 10 days a caption is late I owe an additional caption.
The fine print:
  • I have to genuinely receive a notification for it to count. If something gets stuck in my spam filter or something I won't owe a zillion months of captions when I find it years later. 
  • You can request an element or theme you would like to see in the caption, but there are no guarantees that it gets included. I have a hard time getting inspired to write captions based on other people's kinks. Needless to say I absolutely won't do a caption with a theme I consider immoral or squicky.
  • Blog comments are preferred to email since they create a nice public time and date stamp that you can point to to prove I am late. 
  • The caption in this post counts as February 2016's caption completed.
  • Needless to say this isn't any kind of legally binding contract, but if I do need to cancel the deal for some unforeseen reason I will make a best effort to (a) post about it publicly on the blog and update this post and (b) be up-to-date with all my owed captions.
So that is that. If you all are vigilant you can easily guarantee that I produce a dozen or more captions per year.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Blogger Policy & femslut21 Original : Takeout Time

A quick caption in honor of my strategy concerning the new Google / Blogger policy about adult content. For those who missed the controversy. First Google threatened to essentially close down all adult blogs. And then later in the week after much complaining by many bloggers and readers they reversed their ruling and are going to allow us to stay... mostly.

So, I'm not going to migrate my blog at this time because I don't really have any confidence that WordPress or tumblr might not make the same arbitrary decision some day. And they might give me even less time to migrate my content. For all I know I could log in one day to find it all deleted. This incident has made me fairly distrustful of the ability of these content hosting services to radically alter their policies at any time.

Obviously I have backups of the images. Both locally and in my imagefap galleries. But my posts could easily be lost.

So as a precaution I am now going to make semi-regular backups of this blog content. I would recommend others do the same. Here is how:
  1. Go to Google Takeout.
  2. Click "Select None"
  3. Now reselect only "Blogger" for your posts and "Google Photos" for your images
  4. Click "Next" and accept the default options for type and delivery by clicking "Create Archive".
  5. Download your archive and keep it safe. 
This will allow you to restore your blog from the most recent backup later if policy changes again in the future.

Good luck out there folks.

Monday, January 19, 2015

femslut21 Original : A Satisfactory Conclusion

Is this a caption or a novella? I can't tell.

Friday, January 2, 2015

A femslut21 Original and Story Recommendations

A happy belated new year to one and all. To the right you have a new caption.

As long time readers know my preference for captions vs. stories waxes and wanes. I am currently in the mood for stories and I have started keeping track of some of my favorite stories the way I track my favorite captions over at my tumblr blog.

Enjoy the stories:

  • Celebrity Wives by Miriam Grey -- A scientist's mind transferal technology is used against him and he has his mind downloaded into the cloned body of a supermodel.
  • Journey To Bimbohood Part Two by Jennifer Swallow -- Martin is feminized, hypnotized, and renamed Jennifer Swallow
  • Free Sample by Zouscha -- A mysterious sample of raspberry smoothie mix arrives that seems to make anyone who drinks it more horny and feminine.
  • From Danny to Danita by Throne -- A malicious prankster films the cheerleaders in their locker room. He is caught and feminized. Then the football team gets involved.
  • Sissy Odds And Ends by Throne -- A collection of short vignettes involving feminization.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Interesting : Sissy Hypnosis Videos

I'm always interested to see where and how people are doing new creative feminization / sissy work.

Today I stumbled across this post by sissysadie on her tumblr. It is a collection of sissy hypnosis videos from the folks at reddit's /r/sissyhypno/ they even have a wiki with links to all the videos contributed to their board.

I was aware of this type of video a while back, but I'm sorry to say the old videos were just universally low quality and not arousing in my estimation.

The production values on these new videos are so much higher it is amazing. The newer ones are set to music with enjoyable scenes spliced into them to add visual spice. They still aren't my favorite thing; I like more of a storytelling / narrative aspect to my porn. But check out the videos below and see what I mean.