Monday, December 22, 2008

FemSlut21's Big List of Sex Stories

Sites with fiction for feminized sluts Transgender StoriesUpHighly recomended
ASSTR : Bisexual Male Slut SlavesUpQuite a few of his links are broken, but still many good things remain.
ASSTR : Old Joe's Transgender Stories CollectionUpHighly Recomended
FictionmaniaDownExcellent. Highly recomended. They are down now with hopes to return. See the wikipedia page.
Crystal's StorySiteUpGood content. Has lots of long stories with many serial installments. Some are very strange.
Akasha's WebUpStories on the left navigation bar
Sutton's Guide to Loving Female Authority
UpSite is still up and Elise is an excellent writer, but no more fiction. There are some testimonials that are OK.
Miss Vicky's
Fantasy Fiction Page
UpSome good stuff. A little sparse.
Amityworld : Amity's Femdom StoriesUpSome good stuff. The pdf format on many stories is a annoying.
Big Closet : OriginalUpThe way things were.
Big Closet : ClassicUpNewer.
Big Closet : NewUpThe newest version is a forum. You will need a (free) account to read stories.
Bimboslutz : Transgender SectionDownWas small, but very good. There is a backup of the stories here, but they are no longer organized and it is difficult to find the TG stuff.
Transformation Stories : TG SectionUpThe transgender section is recommended, but the other parts of the site are really weird (not bad weird, just not-my-thing weird).
Saphire's PlaceUpLooking a little dated.
UpSearch for male to female transformations. Zip File downloads are annoying, but the content tends to be worth it.
Oturus's TG
Transformation Page
DownNot sure about where it went.
Joan's TG FictionUpAuthor page.
Elrod's HomeDownFormer home to the Bikini Beach stories. Not sure what happened.
Freya's Sexual TransgenderUpGood Stuff. Contains both stories and captions.
ROBO's StoriesDown
Jane's Story Index
UpAuthor site.
A Spells R Us
Story Archive
UpExactly what it sounds like.
Frenchies Fantasy TalesUpA phone Dom's blog with some stories.
KinkySexStories.orgUpAnother blog style page with stories. Disorganized, but some good stuff.

Sites with captions, audio, or other media for feminized sluts
forcedfemmecaps.blogspot.comUpExcellent captions.
Rebecca's World/UpExcellent captions.
Freya's Sexual TransgenderUpIncluded both here and above because it contains both stories and captions, including some by Ed Miller.
Cynthia's TG

[1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8]
UpLots of captions. A little tame for my taste.
Blog Mistress
UpSome free audio.

Sites with link collections for feminized sluts
lost boy's collection of site linksUp
Forced Sissy Site LinksUp
Dolls Site Links
TG Now Fiction LinksUpPretty weak. Scroll way down to find a few links.