Monday, March 4, 2013

Caught with Consequences IRL

I wouldn't normally compose a post just because a new reader joined the site, but I am making an exception to welcome my lovely wife.

She has been aware of my predilections, in a general sense, for some time. But she recently discovered my femslut21 email account. Which naturally required some explanation.

Obviously saying "No honey. I'm not using it to cheat / engage in cyber-sex / etc. I need it for my blog where I paste together images from porn sites with little text stories about men being feminized against their will." seems like a hard sell, but here it is. 

I am extraordinarily lucky to have an open-minded and understanding wife but obviously this stretches anyone's understanding. One can't help but have concerns like: Is my husband gay? Does he want to become a woman?

So as not to offend anyone I want to clarify that others, with other sexual and gender identities, will answer those questions differently, and that is great; we need lots of diversity in the world. But my answers have always been no and no. I struggled with them when I was younger but ultimately came to a conclusion similar to the one posted prominently on the Joe Six Pack TG Site.
"So you get a little turned on when you think about switching genders? So what!? Everybody's got some sort of freakishly bizarre thrill they never talk about. That's no reason to get all weirded out over this stuff."

"Have a little bit of fun. Enjoy yourself. Do whatever you need to do and then get on with your life."
I know that non-answer doesn't really satisfy some people. But I can only sit and endlessly ponder what this sexual/masturbatory activity that I occasionally engage in means for so long. Eventually I come to the conclusion that it doesn't affect 99% of  my life so it must not mater too much.

Some links to other sources that might help with understanding are probably in order at this point:
  • The distinction between transsexualism and autogynephelia may be useful (the first person to comment with a Trans-Studies lecture on the evils of Blanchard's Transsexualism Taxonomy gets moderated into oblivion).
  • I think this presentation by Ogi Ogas concerning so called erotical illusions is relevant