Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Six Queens" by Larrikin Love

For those who wonder what kids today are listening to. The lyrics are relevant to our interests:

I'm the sixth queen
I'm the wrong queen
I've got mascara running through my bloodstream
I'm on the hot step
I've got a broken heart
I want to be a cherry lipped little cheap tart

There's a boy with a monobrow and club foot
And his family own all his villages huts
So I'll travelled to New York
And sold my crotch for a dollar and a short

But there's a symphony in my heart
But I've lost all my morals
Down an alleyway, boot polish, sky gaze
Bloody murder, my life has moved strange ways
I was the sixth queen from the start
But I cast all my morals
On a tube train, boot polish, sky gaze
Bloody murder my life has moved strange ways

I've got secrets trapped in my fishnets
I'm a coward man who works in an office block
I was a child who craved for a new world
I was a boy who yearned to be a cover girl
I learnt the history, and read about the six queens
I decided life should be about playing for the other team
I broke society with a lipstick shot
Now my life has grown for old to hot

[chorus 2x]