Monday, January 19, 2015

femslut21 Original : A Satisfactory Conclusion

Is this a caption or a novella? I can't tell.

Friday, January 2, 2015

A femslut21 Original and Story Recommendations

A happy belated new year to one and all. To the right you have a new caption.

As long time readers know my preference for captions vs. stories waxes and wanes. I am currently in the mood for stories and I have started keeping track of some of my favorite stories the way I track my favorite captions over at my tumblr blog.

Enjoy the stories:

  • Celebrity Wives by Miriam Grey -- A scientist's mind transferal technology is used against him and he has his mind downloaded into the cloned body of a supermodel.
  • Journey To Bimbohood Part Two by Jennifer Swallow -- Martin is feminized, hypnotized, and renamed Jennifer Swallow
  • Free Sample by Zouscha -- A mysterious sample of raspberry smoothie mix arrives that seems to make anyone who drinks it more horny and feminine.
  • From Danny to Danita by Throne -- A malicious prankster films the cheerleaders in their locker room. He is caught and feminized. Then the football team gets involved.
  • Sissy Odds And Ends by Throne -- A collection of short vignettes involving feminization.