Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Masterwork by Smitty

The incredibly prolific Smitty has published his magnum opus. The Initiation is a sprawling 144 page caption set laid out in the style of a Choose Your Own Adventure novel.

It is notable in two ways.

First, the Choose Your Own Adventure style story with branching paths and 18 (or 19 depending on how you count) endings is a novel development, so far as I know, in the TG captioning world. You should check it out just to see the new and creative use of the medium.

Second, it is just an incredible amount of high quality captions rolled into one story. I am sure my readers know that my tastes run to shorter captions, but this is something special. No mater what your particular TG kink there is an ending that will appeal to you.

If it seems like too big a commitment to read every path in the story then don't worry. You can treat each path as a smaller caption set and gradually work your way through. It took me four sittings to read through every one. (I really don't want to recommend things to you guys and gals unless I have read it all.)

So go check it out. I'm sure it won't remain Smitty's magnum opus for long; he always finds a way to outdo himself.