Saturday, January 7, 2012

Links : An Offering and a Request

One of my primary reasons for starting this blog was to get all my links to TG sites off of my computer and out onto the internet.

One of the first things I posted was a list of links. Unfortunately that post is looking very old and outdated several years on.

Fortunately Smitty wasn't the only one busy with a TG related project over the winter break. I realized that I wouldn't have time to constantly check which sites were up and down, so I wrote about a thousand lines of perl to help me maintain a database of links to smut and automatically crawl the pages to see which ones are still available.

This automation should allow me to easily keep this new link page much more current.

It is sorted into Good, Better, Best, and Unreviewed sites. These categories represent my personal preferences for certain types of kink more than they represent the literary quality of the captions. Please don't be offended if your blog doesn't match my tastes.

I would like to request that my wonderful readers submit links they would like to see added.

Also, I am collecting much more data than I am displaying (for instance I know the year/month of the most recent post on all Blogger hosted blogs). Is there other information you guys & gals would like displayed/provided?


  1. I love the links setup, and not just because I made it into the "best" category.

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  3. Your links are excellent and I love the way you've organized and rated them. Thanks so much for sharing them.