Friday, July 20, 2012

femslut21 Original : Mmhmmm

This one is for those who love hypnosis themed captions as much as I do. Don't forget to read and follow me on my tumblr account.

As is customary I will be on summer holiday for most of the month of August. I have a caption scheduled to post next month for you to enjoy while I am gone.


  1. "... *hgphmph-shluuPOP* "Or, I could keep you just *schluurrP* like this for the night, Mistress, *flkflk-schlhumnghph-schliicht* for an intensive session! *flick-schluPOP* Wouldn't it be nice to lay back and *humphghmph-AHH* have me do this until *schluuurP* it time for us to go to your office in the morning, Mistress?!"

    "Hmm, well-well, should we consider this as your resume submission for the Demonstrative Therapy Tech. position that may have just opened up?" "

    Not that I'm especially fond of hypnosis themes, just inspired by the story & image to put the 'who is in charge' aspect to the test.

    HOT! 'FS'

    1. Thanks for your excellent little coda to the caption.

      I'm always honored when captioners (like yourself) who's work I admire enjoy my captions.

  2. Many thanks! and, I am glad you don't mind the 'Elle-pilogue'. It's my way of expressing how wonderful a caption is with something more substantial, in my mind, than just saying "Great Caption", or "I like this one", or such.

    Again, I'm quite flattered, dear! :-xXx

  3. Niiiice caption!
    I've been wanting to comment on this for a long time and forgotten.
    I love the fast yet progressive road into sissy submissive bimbo in this cap!
    Looking forward for more...