Friday, December 5, 2014

Interesting : Sissy Hypnosis Videos

I'm always interested to see where and how people are doing new creative feminization / sissy work.

Today I stumbled across this post by sissysadie on her tumblr. It is a collection of sissy hypnosis videos from the folks at reddit's /r/sissyhypno/ they even have a wiki with links to all the videos contributed to their board.

I was aware of this type of video a while back, but I'm sorry to say the old videos were just universally low quality and not arousing in my estimation.

The production values on these new videos are so much higher it is amazing. The newer ones are set to music with enjoyable scenes spliced into them to add visual spice. They still aren't my favorite thing; I like more of a storytelling / narrative aspect to my porn. But check out the videos below and see what I mean.

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  1. Like omg im not sure how much more i can take on one hand. And on the other hand, i cant help but run towards the light. Giggles right.

    Who am i kidding. Why would i ever eant to quit hypnos, besides its a pointless n futile act. I love them