Friday, March 16, 2012

Great Site : Rauk22 Captions

I have been doing a lot more captioning recently, but I don't want to forget my original role of recommending great smut to those who share my tastes. It is long past time that I recommend the extremely talented Rauk and his blog Rauk22 Captions.

The captions are always great. He is particularly adept at writing extremely hot TG-lesbian caps.

I am not a fan of the overly saccharine willing lesbian caps written by others. Usually the storyline runs something like "my wife had some lesbian tendencies so she turned me into a girl so we could have sexy lesbian fun time. Yay!"

Rauk avoids that and reminds me why I liked TG-lesbian caps in the first place. The lesbians in his imagining are forceful mistresses who want to dominate transformed men. They fuck them with their strapons, humiliate, and taunt them. It is very sexy stuff.

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  1. Love his work! Found it by accident and now i'm looking for new tg captions every night. Yummi stuff!